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Get Running: Everything You Need To Know

Get Running: Everything You Need To Know
Joni McMullen
Writer and expert11 months ago
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Seen your mates smash a half marathon and think you have what it takes? Or just fancy an excuse to get out and exercise in the summer sun? 

Get your run on with these training plans, supplement advice, and a motivational playlist to help keep you on track. 


Just getting started?  

Everyone has to start somewhere — but it doesn’t hurt to get off on the right foot.  

These 8 tips will help you set your goals and expectations as you begin your running journey.  


Keep up your energy 

Running’s all about energy — so get acquainted with the vitamins and supplements that can help you along the way. 

From caffeine to B12, there’s plenty to choose from — just find the right fit for you.  


10 Best Vitamins & Supplements For Energy

Falling asleep at your desk? We're here to help.


Get into your groove 

Every runner needs their ultimate playlist — the one guaranteed to get you in the mood, even when motivation’s low. 

Enter the Myprotein running playlist. Filled with bangers from Calvin Harris, Doja Cat, and plenty more. Turn up the volume and thank us later. 

Mental Strength

Running Playlist | Keep Up The Pace With The Perfect Playlist

Pump up the jam with the ultimate runner’s playlist.


5k Training Plan  

5k is one of the most popular races out there — and for good reason. Accessible for all types of runners, it’s the best way to get started. 

So put on your running shoes with this advice to get you on your way.  


10k Training Plan  

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner, these 10k training plans from British long distance runner Jonny Mellor will challenge you and get you where you need to be.  


Long Distance Running: 4-Week Training Plan  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular runner or looking to get started, running can be for anyone.  

PT Amy Golby talks you through her tips and tricks for long distance running, as well as a thorough 4-week training plan to get you started on the right foot. 


Half Marathon Training Plan  

If you’re feeling comfortable and confident doing 10k, why not go further and challenge yourself to a half marathon?  

Make sure you’re set up for success with this 8-week training programme. It’ll be tough, but just think of the medal at the finish line. 


10 Best Stretches For Running  

No matter if you’ve running long distance or just getting a couple laps in, it’s super-important to stretch out before and after your run.  

PT Simon Cushman explains the importance of stretching and gives the 10 best stretches to help ease your sore hammies after a long run.  


The 10 Best Stretches for Running | A Runner’s Guide

Prevent injury with our PTs top stretches.


Take Home Message  

Running really can be for everyone, no matter the ability.

So, find your stride with one of these detailed training plans, remember your stretching, get your nutrition and supplement routine down — and, most importantly, enjoy it.  

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Joni McMullen
Writer and expert
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