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Running Playlist | Keep Up The Pace With The Perfect Playlist

Running Playlist | Keep Up The Pace With The Perfect Playlist
Joni McMullen
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Runners don’t have it easy. Waking up early on chilly, dark mornings and pounding the pavement in all kinds of weather. Keeping up motivation really can be tough/ 

But whether you're a seasoned marathon runner trying to keep up your training or just a newbie looking to conquer your first 5k, we've got the perfect playlist for you. 

Get pumped with Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia, and then hype yourself up with the help of Doja Cat and Charli XCX.

Food Is Fuel.... 

It's not just about motivation. Fuelling your body before and after your runs is crucial for performance and recovery.  

Check out our nutritionist's tips for preparing for and winding down your runs. 


A Guide To Pre & Post-Run Nutrition

Expert tips to nail your next run.

1 year agoBy Liam Agnew


Go The Distance 

Push yourself to the next level with our PT’s long-distance running training plan.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned runner or starting from scratch, this plan will give you a head start on your long-distance goals.  


Take Home Message  

Bring the energy to your next run with a little bit of extra motivation. With a combination of nutrition, training, and a killer playlist, you're bound for running success. 

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Joni McMullen
Writer and expert
View Joni McMullen's profile