8 Indulgent No-Bake Recipes

We’re all about the no-bake recipes right now. Simple, energy-efficient and, most importantly, full of flavour.

Here are five of our favourite no-bake recipes, all ready and waiting to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you’re into cheesecake for breakfast (who isn’t) or on the hunt for a new go-to after-dinner treat, I think it’ll be in here. And all of them are macro friendly too. Let’s dive in.

no-bake recipes

1. No-Bake Speculoos Bars

Requiring just five ingredients, and not a lot of time, you can have these fudgy No-Bake Speculoos Bars ready pretty quickly. Ideal for when you need a quick energy boost or just something to go with your cuppa.

Oh, and did I mention they’re completely plant-based too?

No-Bake Speculoos Bars


No-Bake Speculoos Bars

You’ll hardly believe that these indulgent-tasting bars are actually vegan.

2022-09-13 11:18:14By Lauren Dawes


2. No-Bake Protein Brownie

Marino Katsouris never fails us with a good macro-friendly recipe, and this No-Bake Protein Brownie is no exception. 13g of protein wrapped up in a fudgy, chocolatey brownie that won’t hurt your macros.

Marino Katsouris' No-Bake Protein Brownie

Our Ambassadors

Marino Katsouris' No-Bake Protein Brownie

Nutty, chocolatey, gooey, and so damn tasty.

2022-08-18 09:06:57By Emily Wilcock


3. No-Bake Mini Caramel Biscuit Cheesecakes

Two words: caramel cheesecakes. Need I say more? Ok, I will.

Using the brand-new Speculoos Layered Bar, these Mini Caramel Biscuit Cheesecakes make for a lighter version of the classic dessert, using that caramelised biscuit to bring out the speculoos flavour and all the autumn vibes.

And, of course, no ovens were used in the making of these cheesecakes.

No-Bake Mini Caramel Biscuit Cheesecakes


No-Bake Mini Caramel Biscuit Cheesecakes

It’s not even dramatic to call these life changing.

2022-09-08 16:33:46By Lauren Dawes


4. No-Bake Snack-Size Peanut Date Bars

Putting a healthy spin on the Celebrations classic are these Snack-Size Peanut Date Bars.

Sweet and sticky dates stuffed with gooey peanut butter and dunked in silky chocolate. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Great for putting in your lunch box or saving for with a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon.


5. White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Another twist on a classic are these White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

Just four ingredients and of course, no oven needed, these peanut butter cups are hassle-free and provide 14g of protein in a super tasty way. Another great sweet treat to give you a boost; a must-try for peanut butter lovers.


6. No-Bake Mini Egg Cheesecake

Another cheesecake recipe incoming.

OK, this one might be Easter themed, but it’s well deserving of a spot on this list. First, it’s a breakfast recipe, and who doesn’t want cheesecake for breakfast? Second, it delivers 25g of protein and just 430 calories, so it will set you up with some great macros for the day.

No-Bake High-Protein Easter Cheesecake


No-Bake High-Protein Easter Cheesecake

Cheesecake, protein and Mini Eggs. What's not to like?

2022-04-06 13:56:40By Emily Wilcock


7. 4-Ingredient No-Bake Chocolate Oat Cake

This 4-ingredient oat cake might be buttery smooth, but it’s completely macro-friendly too, with each serving provides 236 calories and 9g of protein. I promise it’s not too good to be true.

Featuring just four ingredients, and of course not requiring any baking time either, this recipe couldn’t be simpler.


8. No-Bake No-Chocolate Chocolate Truffles

Don’t switch off just at the mention of “no chocolate”, these truffles are a must-try.

Peanut butter, dates, vanilla extract and cocoa powder, make these truffles fudgy and indulgent tasting and macro friendly. Just 140 calories per serving, these are an ideal after dinner treat to satisfy those sweet cravings.

Healthy No-Chocolate Truffles


Healthy No-Chocolate Truffles

Macro-friendly truffles? Duh.

2022-06-09 16:59:07By Monica Green


Take home message

Hopefully that’s given you some solid recipe inspo for your next (no)bake. Stop pre-heating that oven and get stuck into some no-bake recipes. This is the way forward.

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