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Getting Used To Your Post-Partum Body With Farah Fonseca

Getting Used To Your Post-Partum Body With Farah Fonseca
Joni McMullen
Senior Content Executive1 year ago
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Meet Farah Fonseca, three-time winner of England's Strongest Woman, gym owner, and full-time mum. But even with her impressive credentials, Farah has faced challenges just like many other mums after giving birth.


Your body is amazing...

"Isn't it amazing how our bodies can transform within just 12 months?" asked Farah.

But she admits it’s taken some adjustment getting used to her body after pregnancy. "It's a mental journey to adjust to a different body when you're used to seeing an 'athletic' reflection."


First Time in the Gym Post-Partum

It's daunting to return to the gym after taking a break, let alone after having a baby. Farah reassured her followers that it's OK to feel nervous during the first month of post-partum training.

"Every woman's exercise journey after giving birth will be different. I think how active you are during pregnancy plays a huge and vital role in this."

But she said try not to be discouraged by this nervousness. Exercise is important for both the body and mind after giving birth.

"Movement is great to get back into when your body feels ready, and don't underestimate how much your mind needs it too."

Farah had one other piece of advice for new mums ready to get back in the gym. “Being safe is always the first thing to keep in mind. Get yourself a good coach who knows how to coach you through your post-partum journey.”


Take Home Message

It's normal to feel a little intimidated when returning to exercise after a long break, especially after something as big as pregnancy. Take it slow, one session at a time, and always prioritise your comfort and safety.

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Joni McMullen
Senior Content Executive
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