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Matt Morsia Takes Huge Punch And Lives Like Eddie Hall For A Day

Matt Morsia Takes Huge Punch And Lives Like Eddie Hall For A Day
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Matt Morsia didn’t know what he’d got himself in for as he lived like The Beast, Eddie Hall, for a day. We can guarantee he slept well afterwards. 

As you’d expect, living like a full-time strongman-turned-boxer can be pretty challenging. If you’re thinking that Eddie exaggerated a day in his life for dramatic effect, you're wrong. In fact, he missed some bits out that he didn’t think would make good content. His normal days are more intense than this. 

After a weighted run, a full upper body session and some leg exercises your average human may call it a day. Nope. Far from it actually. 

Not only was it a full-on day of training, but also a full-on day of eating. Matt is no stranger to a bulking diet since he bulked for roughly three years, but after a recent cut he probably wasn’t prepared for this. 

During his day with Eddie, Matt ate roughly 7,000 calories. To start the day, 200g of mince with eggs, mushroom, spinach, and veg. Mid-workout they had two scoops of protein and an orange. If you’re wondering about the best way to eat an orange, then Eddie’s got you covered. 

Lunch time included tacos, about an hour and a half later they had a protein shake followed by a crunchy oat bar and two chocolate bars. They then finished their day of eating off with two meals. Think it’s safe to say that Eddie’s daily food diary reads more like a weekly shopping list. 


Live like Eddie for a day: 

  • Start the day off with 1 mile and a half with 15kg vest 
  • Breakfast: 200g Organic mince, mushrooms, spinach, eggs, veg and 100g of oats 
  • Off to the gym – full upper body session with a bit of legs including sled pushes  
  • 2 scoops of protein and an orange 
  • Swimming, six three-minute rounds 
  • Leg drills in the water with resistance bands 
  • Lunch: tacos 
  • Little sleep in the hypobaric chamber for an hour and a half 
  • Impact native whey protein shake 
  • Pre-workout for boxing – crunchy oat bar and two milks 
  • Boxing 
  • Eddie then normally does an hour of physio 
  • Head to the spa  
  • Infinity pool – 15 to 20 minutes of stretching 
  • Sauna goes up to 90 degrees – spend 20 minutes here 
  • Cold tub set at 5 degrees – spend four and a half minutes in here 
  • Dinner: Matt had two microwave meals before heading home, sadly we didn't see Eddie's meal 


Take Home Message 

We doubt Matt is gonna sign himself up for this again anytime soon. He's going to need at least two weeks to warm back up after that four and a half minutes in the cold tub. Never mind the time needed to recovery from being punched by Eddie. 



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Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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