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Eddie Hall Destroys Punch Bag Machine With Huge Right Hand

Eddie Hall Destroys Punch Bag Machine With Huge Right Hand
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert2 years ago
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The punch bag machine — a staple of any reputable arcade. The assignment is simple, throw the hardest punch, register the highest score. 

A few short weeks ago the first UK Arnold Classic took place. A lot of highly competitive strong people were in one place. Eddie Hall is a strong and competitive person, and shock horror, the innocent punch bag machine in attendance was simply no match. 

People came and went with some respectable scores. There was a 750, 780, 840, 900. 

When The Beast stepped up to the machine the score to beat was 998. Eddie was confident he could do it. And so was the crowd. 

In three attempts Eddie maxed out at 994 – not quite enough. So he had one more go.

Alas, we’ll never know what the score would have been. Not just because the machine can only display up to 999, but because Eddie literally destroyed it with a haymaker of a right hand. 

Can’t lose top spot when your punch breaks the machine. 

Well done Eddie, clearly that boxing training has had great effect. Those muscles are fueled by Myprotein, BTW. 

Take Home Message 

We don’t recommend going head-to-head in a challenge with Eddie. Ever. We’re pretty sure he’ll win. And he might even break something. We want to know if Eddie got sent the bill for breaking the machine... 



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2 years agoBy Monica Green
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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