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Zack George Reveals What’s Next After Madrid Success

Zack George Reveals What’s Next After Madrid Success
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Carrying the title of UK’s Fittest Man 2020, Zack George is pretty much synonymous with functional fitness. At the weekend Zack competed at the 2021 Madrid Championships  an event that sees functional fitness athletes take on grueling events, spanning across three days. 

Zack did not disappoint. 

He finished with an event win and claimed second place overall.


We caught up with Zack to hear a bit about the weekend. 

“I absolutely loved the Madrid championships, after the injury earlier this season it was nice to test my body against the best in the world. As an athlete I think you can only be truly happy with 1st place, but I am still pleased with how I performed. Second place against the top in the sport is a good result. I always come away from competitions with lessons learnt and I’m looking forward to pushing myself again in Dubai (December) and Miami (January).” 


Take Home Message 

Zack George is far from done. Let’s hope he has some time to put his feet up before doing it all again in December and January.  



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Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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