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Eddie Hall Prepares For ‘Desolation Of Thor’

Eddie Hall Prepares For ‘Desolation Of Thor’
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert2 years ago
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The biggest event of the year for Eddie Hall fans is nearly here, with “the heaviest boxing match in history” due to go ahead on 19th March.  It’s probably the most exciting Eddie Hall event since 2017, the year of the his World’s Strongest Man win.  

Eddie’s been training hard to take down Thor for some time now. There was the injury setback — Eddie detached his left biceps in training, it literally popped off — but as things stand, he looks fitter and stronger than ever.    

There have been a few highlights from Eddie’s training. One thing we’ve definitely learned these past few months is — if you go to Eddie’s House — he’s going to get you in the ring and post it online.  

Matt Morsia and Ryan Terry were both mad enough to brave a few Eddie punches, but the hardest punch we’ve seen — and the hardest to forget — is the one that took out Nile Wilson. 

We know Thor might be slightly larger than Nile, but he won’t have the help of protective gear. Best of luck, Thor. 

In case you missed these: 


Finally, it looks like Eddie has found a coach to take his punches. 

With the fight now just four weeks away, tensions are likely to be high in the Hall household. Lucky Eddie has got a full gym setup to help burn off steam while training. 

For training camp, Eddie wanted to maintain as much weight as possible for power, so that’s what he’s done. Currently, he’s at a healthy weight of 156kg, so you best believe there's a lot of power behind those punches. And he intends to use that power for what he calls “the desolation of Thor”. 


Take Home Message 

We’ll be on the edge of our seats these upcoming weeks, waiting in anticipation for the big fight on 19th March. And we’re rooting for Eddie all the way.  



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Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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