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Eddie Hall Ups Stakes To $1.2 Million To Reschedule ‘World’s Heaviest Boxing Match’

The Beast Vs Thor. The heaviest boxing match in history fight. Unfortunately, Eddie tore a bicep and the bout was postponed, but consider this your notice. Eddie is fighting fit once more. 

Fresh from destroying punch bag machines, and testing his power on Matt Morsia, last week Eddie made his feelings perfectly clear. But a week later and no response from Thor, and Eddie’s gone even bigger.

The Beast took to his YouTube to deliver an emphatic statement of intent.

“Let’s pull the trigger on this fight now.

Let’s get a venue set, let’s get a date set and make this fight happen.”


What’s more, Eddie is feeling very confident of his chances having analysed his would-be opponent’s technique.

“Thor, I’ve seen all your fights, I’ve seen all your training footage… and I’ve got to say buddy, I am not impressed in the slightest. Not impressed in the slightest. Nothing you’ve put out or shown me so far has made me think ‘that’s gonna cause me a problem’. 

And this is the truth now. In two years since we’ve signed the contract, I’ve not seen a single punch thrown from you that’s made me think ‘that would hurt’. Not a single punch. And I think everyone that’s watching this can agree with me on that.”

Eddie added: 

“Now, you seem confident when you talk about the fight, but when I look at you, when I look at the pictures of you, when I look at the videos of you, and when you’re on the podcast calling me the fat guy, you know what I see? I see a withered, stressed, scared, old man. You look like you haven’t slept for a year. I think that says a lot. That says you can say whatever you want, but the way you look says more.” 

2017’s World’s Strongest Man is ready to put his money where his mouth is. In the name of charity of course.

“If you’re that confident, let’s do a little wager between ourselves. If you’re that confident, let’s do the winner gets $100,000 to their choice of charity. So, if I win you pay $100,000 to my choice of charity. If you win I pay $100,000 to your choice of charity. With that confidence, you’d pull the trigger on that, so that’s on the table.”

‘He doesn’t want to do the deal because he’s scared to lose’

After a week of no response from Thor, Eddie upped the stakes. He doubled his deal. Pledging to give $200,000 to charity if Thor wins, and leaving Thor’s charity payment at $100,000 if he manages to come out on top.



Eddie was cool, calm and collected as he made his second proposition to Thor.

“It’s been over a week since I put that charity wager out to Thor, and just to remind everyone, the wager was if he beats me, I pay $100,000 to his choice of charity, if I beat him, he has to pay $100,000 to my choice of charity.

Well, it’s been over a week he’s ignored me, and I’ve heard from a mutual friend that he doesn’t want to do the deal because he’s scared to lose, which I don’t blame him.

So, I want to make this a bit easier for you Thor, and please everyone put pressure on him now. The new deal is, if I beat you, you have to pay $100,000 to my choice of charity. If you beat me, I will pay $200,000 to your choice of charity.

And come on now, don’t ignore me. This is for charity. We’ll get promoters to write it into the contract so there’s no getting out of it. So, everyone put pressure on Thor now, don’t ignore me again, let’s put a deal on this, let’s do something good for charity.”

And now, we wait.

‘Jesus Thor, welcome back to the world.’

After a long awaited response from Thor, Eddie upped the stakes… again.

The Beast wants both he and Thor to give $200,000 to charity despite the outcome, and whoever loses to give $1,000,000 to the charity of the winner’s choice.

“The loser shouldn’t get away with the same as the winner, the loser should be punished a bit 

Here’s my counter offer, and hopefully it doesn’t take you two weeks to respond to this. My counter offer is, $200,000 each to charity, done deal, lets right that in. Promoter, put that in the contract. My counter offer is, whoever loses pays one million dollars to charity. You’re super confident, you say you’re gonna knock me out in the fourth round with an upper cut. Go for it. 

Thor I’m coming into that fight 100%.

Money doesn’t come into this for me, it’s more about pride. It’s about righting a wrong.

Hopefully Thor accepts this, hopefully it takes him a little less than two weeks to respond to this, because its taken me less than five minutes.


Take Home Message 

Eddie Hall is a man of confidence and he’s ready to put $1,000,000 on the line for charity. We’re eagerly awaiting Thor’s response.



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