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Tom Stoltman Wins Britain’s Strongest Man Title And Makes 2022 Vow

The World’s Strongest Man took on Britain this weekend. And won. As of October 23, Tom Stoltman holds the crown for both Britain’s and the World’s Strongest Man  the first Scotsman to claim the title of Britain’s Strongest in 26 years! 

As you’d expect, the night was no walk in the park and saw some grueling events for the participants.  

The first challenge, a dumbbell medley. Five giant dumbbells of increasing weight from 80-120kg were to be pressed overhead. Followed by a 400kg yoke race, a 350kg axle deadlift for reps, a loading race with anchors, barrels and tyres, and the final event of the night, castle stones. 


Tom took to Instagram to share how he was feeling following his win. 

“What a feeling! Finally becoming the British champ! 

After WSM I’ve had this comp lingering in the back of my mind and have said I wanted to end the @giantslivewsm with a bang. 
The WSM Tom Stoltman turned up and I was so proud with my performance!” 

The mark of a true champion, Tom offered heartfelt respect to his fellow competitors, who continue to push him to perform at his best. 
“Well done to @adambishopstrongman for 2nd place another great and hard fought battle and @grahamhicksuk for a flawless performance to get 3rd! 
@luke.stoltman just missing the podium but what a year he has had and 2022 going be big! 

All the athletes are raising the standard in Britain and it is very very good to be part of right now!” 

Tom closed by promising there is even more to come. 

“2022 let’s be having ya! I’ve got some more titles to win” 


Take Home Message 

It’s been a big year for the Stoltman brothers. Another elite victory at the weekend means Tom now holds the titles of Britain’s and World’s, accompanying brother Luke’s European crown. We can’t wait to see how Tom levels up as promised for 2022, but for now, it’s time for him to celebrate. 



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Emily Wilcock

Emily Wilcock

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Emily is studying Business Management & Marketing at the University of Birmingham and is currently on her intern year. She has a keen interest in both writing and fitness, so is happy she can now combine the two. She likes to spend time with her friends, both in & out of the gym.

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