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Bodybuilders Try Puppy Yoga 

Bodybuilders Try Puppy Yoga 
Joni McMullen
Senior Content Executive1 year ago
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Matt Morsia swapped the gym for a yoga studio in a recent YouTube video, taking bodybuilding buddy Paul Olima to a puppy yoga class.  

What is Puppy Yoga?  

Puppy yoga is the latest fitness craze to take the internet by storm. It's fairly self-explanatory — puppies and yoga come together to create a relaxing fitness class that involves cuddles more than yoga poses. 

As Matt and Paul got into child's pose, a group of Shiba puppies joined them, running around and providing a welcomed distraction for the pair. 


How did they get on... 

Matt admitted that he had only ever done yoga once and that flexibility wasn’t his strong point. Paul seemed more excited about the puppies than the yoga: "I love puppies, but I’m not good at yoga. I’m a bit stiff." 

The Shiba puppies were waiting for Matt and Paul as they walked in, giving them a chance to sit with them before their class started. 

Not off to a great start, Matt and Paul struggled to cross their legs to start the session off — perhaps yoga and bodybuilding don’t mix well? 

Once the guys got set up on their mats, there wasn't much yoga to be done as Matt and Paul spent most of their time cuddling the puppies — or avoiding squashing them.  

"You have to be hyper-aware of your position, you don't want to squash any puppies," Matt said as four puppies crawl over his child's pose. 

One unexpected danger of puppy yoga was the Shiba puppies weeing on the floor, on Paul's mat, and in front of the instructor. However, the boys didn't let this stop them from pushing their way through the exercises, stopping every couple of minutes to play with the puppies. 


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The Verdict  

Matt and Paul were still cuddling the puppies at the end of the session. "I didn't want it to stop," Matt said. "I’ve never wanted a dog more than I do right now." 

Matt reckons that if you suffer from stress or anxiety, give puppy yoga a try, as it was "the most relaxing experience" of his life. 


Take Home Message  

Puppy yoga, it seems, is for everyone — even bodybuilders. If you’ve never tried it before, give it a try. You might not improve your downward dog, but at least there’ll be plenty of cuddles. 

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Joni McMullen
Senior Content Executive
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