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Nobody Believes Eddie Hall Was 16 In 50KG Transformation Pic

Nobody Believes Eddie Hall Was 16 In 50KG Transformation Pic
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Eddie Hall is known as The Beast for good reason. Building muscle has clearly never been an issue for the world-renowned strongman, and he’s shared the evidence to prove it.

For #ThrowbackThursday Eddie gave a glimpse of his teenage years. The beast at 16... But, his followers don’t believe he could actually be that young in the photo. 

But he really is. So, let’s go right back to the beginning and chart the evolution of the one and only, Eddie Hall. 

Let’s start at 16 and the photo that’s got people up in arms.

We’re in a state of both awe and disbelief that while we were still looking very awkward at 16, that Eddie looked like this. As we mentioned on Instagram, Beast mode clearly began in the womb. 

Some of the comments included: 

Boy was a unit then and now” - Facts.“Love ye Eddie but there's no way your 16 there bro ??” - Born to lift. 

“Plot twist. He’s been 33 the whole time. Eddie Hall defies space and time.” - I’d watch this film. 

“16!!!!!?what did the mam used to feed ya??” 

Time to venture back a bit further...

Five years old.  

Little Eddie looking like he already hits the gym at least four times a week.  

We haven’t got his exact workout routine or meal plan yet, but we’re working on it. 


Age 14. Weighing 14 stone. 

Eddie used to be a swimmer (in case you couldn’t tell from the picture). He was even a National Champion. 

The Beast was a born competitor, and clearly never lacked elite discipline. 

Fast forward! 


196kg vs 158kg. 

Beast by name, beast by nature. What a difference a few years makes. It's interesting to see every career move of Eddie’s reflected in his physique. 


Take Home Message 

What we want to know is, what did Eddie’s mum feed him for dinner so that he looked like that at 16? 16! Well, you better believe it. From looking like that at such a young age we’re not surprised that Eddie went on to be a world record holder and World’s Strongest Man. Some might say he was destined for it. 



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Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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