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Build Your Back With This Workout From CP Truths

Build Your Back With This Workout From CP Truths
Monica Green
Content Manager2 years ago
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Don’t let back-day become boring — switch things up by trying CP Truths’ back workout. It’s guaranteed to have you feeling sore the next day. This pull-day routine targets your back with five key exercises: dumbbell row, cable row, pull-downs, pull-ups and pull-down rows.

If all this has got you excited for back-day, keep reading to get the detail of Joseph’s workout so you can conquer it in the gym.


Single arm dumbbell row — 4x10

1. Grab a bench and set it to flat

2. Place your left hand on the bench and bring your left knee up so that your shin is resting on the bench and your body is leaning forward

3. Grab your weight and pull towards your chest, keeping your elbows tucked into your body

4. Repeat on the opposite side


Cable row — 4x10

1. Attach the close-grip attachment to the seated-row cable machine

2. Sit on the bench and rest your feet out in front

3. Pull the weight towards your chest, keeping your elbows tucked


Close grip pull-downs — 4x10

1. Using the pull-down cable machine, attach the close-grip attachment

2. Sit with your knees under the padding and your feet firmly against the floor

3. Pull the weight down towards your chest, keeping your shoulders back and your chest up


Weighted pull-ups — 4x8

1. Attach a weight to your lifting belt around your waist (or just use bodyweight)

2. Using the pull-up bars on a close grip, pull yourself up so that your chin is in line with the bars

3. One arm pull-down row — 4x8

4. Using the iso-lateral row machine, sit upright with your chest firmly against the front of the bench

5. With your left arm, pull the weight towards you, keeping your shoulders back

6. Repeat with the right arm


Take home message

Thanks to Joseph from CP Truths, we can confidently say you’ll be feeling the burn with this back day. Add this into your workouts, but you’ll definitely be in need of a rest day.

For more workouts, recipes and more check out the Myprotein Instagram.

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Monica Green
Content Manager
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