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Five Best Exercises For Growing Glutes | Myprotein Masterclass

Five Best Exercises For Growing Glutes | Myprotein Masterclass
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Myprotein Masterclass is the series dedicated to helping you master your movements in the gym, using expert advice from the pros. 

In this episode, Calvin Crooks talks through the best exercises for growing your glutes and Simone Farrington demonstrates them. They talk all things technique, form and how many reps and sets to do depending on your goals. There’s one thing we know for sure, incorporate these exercises into your next leg day and you’ll feel the burn. 


The workout 

Lying hamstring curl 

  1. Lie on the bench 
  2. Place your chest firmly on the bench 
  3. Hold onto the handlebars 
  4. Make sure the pad rests just above your ankle 
  5. For building muscle, focus on one leg at a time 

Tip: tempo is very important for building muscle and toning 


Leg press 

  1. Climb on and sit down 
  2. Place your back firmly against chair 
  3. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart in the middle of the platform 
  4. Unlock the safety catch and bend your knees 
  5. Push yourself up through your heels 
  6. Bring your knees in to your chest and then extend again 


Sumo squats 

  1. Place your feet wider than shoulder width distance apart 
  2. Turn them outwards slightly 
  3. Keep your chest up and your shoulders relaxed 
  4. Perform a squat and drive up through your heels 
  5. Breathe out on the way up 


Split squat 

  1. Place your leg on to a bench at a 90-degree angle 
  2. Put your hands together and lunge down to perform a rep 
  3. To challenge yourself, hold the position at the bottom of the movement 

Tip: This can be performed with just bodyweight, or with a weight or a booty band if you like a challenge. 


Step up 

  1. All you need is a bench or a platform 
  2. Place one leg on the platform  
  3. Step up, driving your opposite knee forward 

Tip: Ensure a steady tempo for maximum engagement – if you speed up too much you can’t target the muscles that you want 


Take home message 

The pros have spoken. Our glute day is sorted. Just remember tempo, squeeze, engage and you’re good to go. 

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Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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