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It’s no secret that the cost of living is rising — energy bills, council tax, and don’t even get me started on the price of petrol. While many of us will feel the squeeze, it’s possible to soften the blow by making a few spending changes. A good place to start is the weekly food shop.

You’d be surprised what difference meal prepping and sticking to a shopping list can have on your bank balance. Want one of our best tips? Don‘t go to the supermarket when you’re hungry. I speak from experience when I say it’s not a good idea if you’re trying to save money.

Remember: cheaper does not mean boring. These recipes may be designed to save you some pennies, but that comes at no cost to your tastebuds.

In case you’re wondering, all prices listed are rough estimates based on products found on at the time of writing, so bear in mind prices may vary depending on where you shop.


Lentil Dahl

A great option for a meat-free Monday or if you’re just trying to inject some more plant-based meals into your weekly meal prep. It’s vegan, easy to prep, suitable for freezing and so easy to make. And you’ll stock up your cupboard with a few basic spices that you can add to your next portion of chicken and rice.

Onion  £0.21 
Ginger  £0.20 
Garlic  £0.20 
Turmeric  £0.59 
Cumin  £0.59 
Curry powder  £0.59 
Red lentils  £1.00 
Chopped tomatoes  £0.50 
Vegetable stock  £0.80 
Plain flour  £0.20 
Dairy free yoghurt  £0.80 
Total (for four servings)  £5.68 
Total per serving £1.42

Creamy Sausage Pasta

With 34g of protein, less than 6g of fat, and costing roughly £1.20 per serving, we can confirm this is a recipe to write home about. Tell your mum, your auntie, your brother and your friends. It’s without a doubt bound to be a weekly favourite.

Leek  £0.30 
Garlic  £0.20 
Sausages  £2.60 
Quark  £0.90 
Chopped tomatoes  £0.50 
Penne Pasta  £0.35 
Total (for four servings)  £4.85 
Total per serving £1.21

Lime and Chilli Turkey Burgers

An injection of flavour — the zest of the lime and heat of the chilli work together perfectly to start a party in your mouth. These burgers are sure to go down a treat with the whole family. All you’ve got to do is decide what you’re going to have on the side. We’re thinking sweet potato fries.

Rolled oats  £1.00 
Turkey mince  £0.50 
Chilli  £0.15 
Garlic  £0.20 
Red onion  £0.20 
Lime  £0.18 
Total (for five servings)  £2.23 
Total per serving £0.45

Tuna Pasta Salad

One of the speediest meals on this list — you’ll have three portions ready to go in 20 minutes, which is next to no time. But don’t heat this up in the office — you don’t want to be that person. Tuna and the microwave never go together, and it’s delicious cold!

Pasta  £0.30 
Tuna  £1.75 
Sweetcorn  £0.40 
Carrots  £0.20 
Pepper  £0.30 
Total (for three servings)  £2.95 
Total per serving £0.98

Vegan Fajitas

Friday night fajita party. Now that’s something we can get on board with. Roll home from work at the end of the week, get out the frying pan, and whip these up in 15 minutes flat. Roll on the weekend.

Peppers  £0.60 
Onion  £0.21 
Mushrooms  £1.50 
Fajita seasoning  £0.70 
Jalapeño peppers  £1.00 
Tortillas  £1.00 
Total (for two servings)  £5.01 
Total per serving £2.51

We won’t judge if you choose to make these meaty by substituting the mushrooms with two chicken breasts, but we think they’re better without.

Peppers  £0.60 
Onion  £0.21 
Mushrooms  £2.20 
Fajita seasoning  £0.70 
Jalapeño peppers  £1.00 
Tortillas  £1.00 
Total (for two servings)  £5.71 
Total per serving £2.86

Take Home Message

While we may be feeling the effects of the rise in cost of living, one way to save some cash is by following these budget recipes. Cheaper doesn’t mean dull and bland, so grab your wooden spoon and get cooking.



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