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Your Body Changing Is Normal – Here’s How to Accept It

Your Body Changing Is Normal – Here’s How to Accept It
Joni McMullen
Writer and expert1 year ago
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“Our bodies can do incredible things.”

Lucy Davis enjoys constantly challenging herself and pushing her body to new extremes. Because of this, her body is always changing to adapt to the new exercise or sport that she’s taking on.

But this isn’t something that Lucy’s always been comfortable with, and it’s taken her some time to embrace it.


Lucy recently opened up about how her changing body can be both “a blessing and a curse.” After losing 5kg by the end of her 100km training, Lucy felt self-conscious about how her body had changed. Despite being the fittest she had ever been physically, she was struggling mentally.

A few months later, she’s “loving every moment” of seeing her body adapt and change to a different style of training.

Even Lucy, who loves her body for what it can do, struggles sometimes with the way her body changes. But body acceptance isn’t linear — it's a journey that has its ups and downs.


Accepting Change

Lucy went on to say that she loves “how our bodies change.” It’s amazing to think about how our bodies adapt to new training — we should appreciate how they're capable of incredible things.

Lucy knows there are plenty more changes her body will go through throughout her life, and she’s looking forward to them: “I’ll be excited when my body changes to carry a baby, to be a mum, to train for an Ironman, to get strong AF!!”

Every change in your body can represent a new challenge, a new moment in life. It can be a marker of what you want to achieve or what you have achieved — something to be proud of.

Whatever challenge you’re putting your body through, it’s important to remember to appreciate where you’ve come from and value how your body has changed.


Take Home Message

Even someone as confident as Lucy has moments of doubt about the way her body changes in response to exercise. But she’s learned to embrace it.

It’s good to be reminded we’re never alone when it comes to body acceptance. It's difficult sometimes, but we should try our best to appreciate our bodies for everything they can do and not get too caught up in everything they can’t.

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Joni McMullen
Writer and expert
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