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A Week On The Internet | Parkour Robots, Bungee Fitness & World Record Attempts

A Week On The Internet | Parkour Robots, Bungee Fitness & World Record Attempts
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Let's face it, a day on the internet is a long time, never mind  a week. It can be hard to keep up with the endless list of platforms, and you don't want to waste time trying to. Don't worry, we've got you.

Welcome to a compilation of some of the best virals to emerge from the world of sports, fitness, and nutrition over the past week — and some you just need to see!


Nothing to be concerned about, just robots doing parkour. I repeat, robots doing parkour.

'The Terminator' had to start somewhere, and the age of athletic intelligence is officially here, courtesy of Boston Dynamics.

And clocking up over 800k likes after just two days, we're not the only ones who are impressed.

And the outtakes...

OK, less worried about the robot apocalypse now.

Scenic Stretches

If the scene was always this impressive I think we'd never skip a post-workout stretch.

Tanya has taken posing for Instagram photos to another level, and really is living the yoga lifestyle to the full.

Don't. Look. Down.

Climbing is a great full body workout and apparently, with the right equipment, you can take a well-earned rest along the way.

The adrenaline from climbing 800m above ground held up by a few ropes is one thing, but imagine sleeping and waking up at that height!

Wonder no more and take in the glorious view provided by Lary.  This post has us inspired to push beyond a normal comfort zone.

Ultimate ab rollout

This has definitely not gone to plan on a few occasions...

But Tupuria Gogita certainly nailed it this time. Ok, wish me luck.


When your picture perfect breakfast takes a turn for the worse. Not to be dramatic, but this might've put us off poached eggs for life.


Will he make it?

During an average hour-long surf session with SMALL waves you are likely to burn between 620 and 730 calories, so imagine how many calories Lucas burns on his far from average session.

You ditching the running shoes and picking up a board, or nah?

Who can beat the Beast?

Eddie Hall has hit incredible heights in his career, including reigning as the world record holder for deadlift.

The Beast famously set the benchmark at 500kg, and he was on hand to witness several attempts to surpass that feat.

505kg... can it be done?

Selflessness FTW

Sport has an amazing ability to transcend the competitive arena, and this week we are in awe of Maria Andrejczyk.

The Polish javelin thrower auctioned the silver medal she trained for years to earn, so that a child had the opportunity to receive potentially life-saving surgery.

Incredible scenes, and Maria's generosity was rewarded with the return of her prize too.

Walking is overrated

Running late for work? Oliver Thorpe has you covered, although he's a professional, and for us this might end in a trip to the hospital.

Bouncing back

Why does my gym not offer this class already? Time for a strongly worded letter.

Come back next week for your next dose of A Week On The Internet.


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Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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