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3,500kcal ‘Clean Bulk’ With Joe Fazer

3,500kcal ‘Clean Bulk’ With Joe Fazer
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Joe Fazer firmly believes that eating properly is the most important factor in achieving a good physique, but he admits his diet hasn’t always been the healthiest. Chocolate, cake, crisps, you name it. Joe was eating anything to get the calories in.

But Joe’s never been happy with the results of this approach. Recently, he’s adopted more of a “lean” bulking approach: high protein, high calories and far less sugar.

First up, the most important meal of the day. Literally, for Joe. His breakfast plate is three eggs and three egg whites, scrambled with ham. Plus a side bowl of porridge with soy milk and his daily supplements: omega 3, multivitamins, vitamin D3, Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies and, of course, creatine. Plenty of protein and carbs, and a whopping 737 calories.

About three and a half hours later, as Joe’s tummy begins to rumble, he prepares his next meal. Classic chicken and rice — you just can’t go wrong. Joe jazzes it up with red pesto and veggies. And that’s another 768 calories in the bag.

Some people opt for a pre-workout drink before hitting the gym, but not Joe. – He prefers a chocolate bar. It’s got a lot of sugar in it, but it’s a treat and a source of quick energy. And it’s 336 calories.

Post-workout, it’s time for another quick snack. A takeaway fried chicken and rice box. High protein and 700 calories, a bulking dream.

In the evening, Joe goes to the office to get some work done. He brings a tub of the chicken and rice he prepped earlier for another 768 calories.

And just before bed, Joe has a vegan protein shake. 175 calories to finish off the day.

Overall, that’s nearly 3,500 calories, which is an impressive day’s work.


Joe doesn’t eat the exact same things every day, and he also doesn’t track his macros strictly. He eats more intuitively, making sure his meals are high in protein and calories. Joe’s also limiting his sugar intake and drinking more water, and he recently swapped his supplements for vegan alternatives.

Take home message

Joe’s always got a new take on bulking. He’s not known as “the king of bulking” for nothing. Let’s see if this “leaner” approach is one he sticks to in the long term.



Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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