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Myprotein Masterclass, the series that sees PTs break down exercises and explain how to train certain muscle groups. In this episode Chris Broomhead walks Calvin Crooks through the best exercises to target your real delts.

The rear delts are small, minor muscles. They’re often quite weak as they aren’t targeted a lot. These four exercises aim to target the rear delts. Chris makes it clear that you should not be lifting heavy weights when working your rear delts. If you do, your form will suffer, and you’ll end up targeting a different muscle.

Rear delt fly

  1. Get on to the bench chest down, supported by the bench
  2. Ensure the bench is on slight incline, with enough distance to the ground that you can reach down with clearance
  3. Pick up the dumbbells
  4. Keeping your elbows in the same position, bring your arms out to the side of your body
  5. Think about your thumbs pointing towards the ground

Tip: keep your thumbs pointing down and keep the focus in the rear delts

As you struggle to complete a full rep, move into this next workout.

Lying Prone Incline Row

  1. Bend your elbows and pull the dumbbells towards you. You will feel this in your traps too.
  2. As you pull the dumbbells towards you make sure you keep your shoulders up, pulling the dumbbells up, rather than in.

Unilateral Rear Delt Raise

  1. Make sure the bench is flat
  2. Lie on the bench on your side
  3. Grab a dumbbell with your upper arm
  4. Keep your arm straight and move the dumbbell out to the side

Tip: use the bottom arm to feel the muscle. Keep control and don’t swing.

Bent Over Row (Wide Grip)

  1. Grab yourself a barbell
  2. Grab the bar with your hands outside of shoulder width
  3. Lean over quite far and lock your back
  4. Pull your elbows up and out as you row

Tip: The delts are a small muscle and require a much lower weight. Nail the technique and then add weight.

Take Home Message

If you’re trying to grow your rear delts, look no further. Our pros have you covered with the perfect exercises and how to master your form. Just remember, drop the weight and focus on that mind-muscle connection.

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