What To Buy This Black Friday | Supplement, Health & Nutrition Deals

Black Friday 2021 is just around the corner and we’re bringing our A-game.  

This year we’ve got fantastic deals lined up across our protein, supplement, clothing and wellbeing ranges. Now’s the time to stock up on your favourite protein powder, your multi-vitamins, and your next go-to gym kit.  

As Europe’s leading online sports nutrition brand, we’ve got a lot to offer in terms of quality, product diversity, and value for money – and that’s before the biggest discount event of the year.  

Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect stocking fillers for your mates, these deals are way too good to miss. 


When is Black Friday 2021?  

Black Friday 2021 is on 26th November, but we can’t wait for the fun to start, so we’ll be offering deals throughout Black Friday Week and Cyber Month. That’s right, you’ll be able to get amazing offers throughout the month of November. Starting on November 1 and going all the way through to the 30th.  


How much could I save on supplements and nutrition this Black Friday? 

Last year on Black Friday, we went big, offering great discounts throughout Cyber Week. But this year we’re going much bigger, offering you incredible discounts throughout Cyber Month. Four whole weeks of discounts. And get ready to expect even bigger things this year on all your favourite Myprotein nutrition and supplements.   

Not to mention the deals we have on offer in our Black Friday Bundles that offer incredible value for money. 


What were your most popular products last Black Friday? 

Last Black Friday you loved our Clear Whey Protein Isolate, our tubs of All-Natural Peanut Butter, and our tasty Layered Protein Bars.  

All of these and many, many more will be on offer once again this year. It’s the perfect time to stock up on your old favourites or try something new.  


Black Friday Box 

Coming soon! 

Speaking of the Black Friday Box, you might be wondering what’s inside?  

Our much-loved Black Friday Box is filled with our most coveted and innovative products from our nutrition and supplements range. Including favourites like our BCAA Energy Drink, as well as delicious protein packed snacks like our Layered Bars. Let’s not forget about Myvitamins’ Multi-vitamin Gummies. That’s not all. Keep your eyes peeled in mid-November to get your hands these treats and many more.

The perfect gift for any devout gym-going friends, or just a treat for yourself to spur you through the last few months of 2021.  


Black Friday Bars and Snacks  

Our best-selling bars and snacks will also be in our Black Friday sale this year. Including favourites like Crispy Layered Bar, Double Dough Brownie and Filled Cookie. With our bars delivering you up to 20g of protein they’re the perfect way to make sure you’re never short on your protein macros.  

Stock up so you’re never searching for a snack again.  


Crispy Layered Bar – Chocolate Caramel 

Each Crispy Layered Protein Bar is loaded with 16g of protein, helping you to hit your daily protein needs in a delicious way. And every bar is low in sugar, helping to curb those sweet-tooth cravings while keeping your diet on track.  

The perfect snack to get you through the dark nights of the winter months, with an indulgent feel, without actually indulging. 


Double Dough Brownie – Cookies & Cream  

A cookie dough base with a brownie style protein-packed dough, a dessert lover’s dream and with 14g of protein per Brownie. Because we don’t think you should have to choose between dessert and hitting your macros.  

If you’ve not tried our Double Dough Brownie yet in our OG flavours in Chunky Chocolate and White Chocolate Marshmallow, Black Friday is the perfect time to dive into Double Dough with our new flavour. Cookies and Cream.  


Filled Cookie – Triple Chocolate  

Our filled cookies will have you forgetting you’re actually getting your macros up whilst you indulge in this gooey delicious-ness. You might be familiar with our Chocolate Caramel Filled Cookie, but now we’re tripling our chocolate game, quite literally, with our new Triple Chocolate Filled Cookie.  

An indulgent chocolate cookie encasing a gooey chocolate centre. The perfect high protein dessert this Black Friday.  


Black Friday Protein Deals  

Not just a supplement for bodybuilders, protein can help you to reach almost any fitness goal. We have a great selection of proteins on offer, from our best-selling Whey Protein, to our newly-formulated Vegan Range and even innovative Protein Bars and Snacks, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.  

Take your training to the next level by stocking up on all things protein and keep your macros on point.  


Impact Whey Protein – Ruby Chocolate  

An old favourite for our Myprotein customers is our Impact Whey Protein. Well, it just got even better, with our Ruby Chocolate flavour. And yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. Creamy goodness with a side of berries. 

Guaranteed high quality protein from the same cows that make your milk and cheese, to ensure smooth protein to enhance the Ruby Chocolate flavour.  

THE Whey – Salted Caramel 

Training to be the best? Well, you need the best ingredients. It’s time to fuel your training with THE Whey, our advanced tri-protein blend, and get ready to compete, dominate and win. 

Packed with 25g of protein per serving, it delivers high-quality nutritionals. It’s low in sugar and fat to help keep your body at peak performance. And it’s delicious. 

Unsure whether you should make the transition to the PRO range? Try our quiz to help you decide. 

Ready to Drink  – Chocolate  

If you need a post-workout protein hit quick, sometimes you don’t have the time to be getting out the protein powder. That’s where our ready-to-drink Impact Protein Shakes come in. You get a good workout in, and we’ll do the shaking for you, making sure you get a hit of 25g of protein straight after your workout.

Our Chocolate flavour is so smooth and indulgent that every chocolate lover will approve. Low in fat and with no added sugars, our Chocolate ready-to-drink Impact Protein Shake manages to hit that sweet-tooth whilst being macro friendly too.  

Clear Whey – Lemon Iced Tea 

If you’ve not yet tried our Clear Whey Protein, you’re seriously missing out.  

Lemon Iced Tea is just as refreshingly tasty as it sounds. With a lemon infused flavour, Lemon Iced tea Whey is the perfect refreshing end to a tough workout, delivering you hydration, 20g of protein and great taste.   

Clear Whey – Pink Grapefruit    

Clear Whey is made for vibrant, refreshing, and fruity flavours. This addition nails all three.  

With 20g of protein per serving, and a delightful Pink Grapefruit taste, this Clear Whey is perfect to re-hydrate after a tough workout. You won’t be reaching for a fizzy drink again with this on your shelf.  


Vegan Black Friday Protein Deals  

We couldn’t leave any of our plant-based-diet customers out of our unmissable Black Friday offers.  

You might have already tried our Vegan Protein Blend, but we’ve significantly expanded our vegan range to make sure you get the protein you need with a great taste. 

It’s not just vegan protein powder we’ll have on offer either, all of our best-selling vegan snacks will be up for grabs too. including our Vegan Baked CookieGooey Cookie, and our Vegan Carb Crusher. 

Make those ve-gains ready to take on 2021.  

If you’re not sure which protein is best suited to your needs, we recommend using our quiz Which Protein Is Right For You? 

Vegan Protein Blend – White Choc Raspberry

We’re always looking for new flavours of the protein blend for you to add to your basket.

This Black Friday give our White Chocolate Raspberry flavour a go. With the creaminess of chocolate, but the added sweetness of berries, its more than just protein powder. It’ll soon become a favourite, helping you smash your macro goals each and every day.  


Black Friday Pre-Workout Supplements  

Sometimes we need a bit of an extra boost to get into the gym and have the best session we can. That’s where pre-workout comes in. Giving you a burst of energy to smash your goals every gym session. And now, with the deals we’ve got coming for you, you’ll get it at the best price possible.
If you’re not sure which pre-workout will best help you in the gym, take our Pre-Workout quiz to find out.  



Multi-Vitamin Gummies   

The tastiest way to top up your essential vitamins. Our chewy, Strawberry flavour multi-vitamin gummies with essential Vitamin C, keep your immune system functioning and added pantothenic acid and vitamin B6 keeps your mind sharp and your metabolism working in tip top shape.  


Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies  

If you don’t fancy a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning (neither do we) our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are perfect for you. This is the ideal supplement for those fighting fatigue and looking to keep their immune system in fighting shape.  

Keep your eyes peeled for new products and flavour extensions over on the Myvitamins site this Black Friday. 


Black Friday Workout Clothes 

We’ve got offers on the way for both men’s and women’s clothing, keep reading to prep your clothing wish-list. 

We’re also preparing to freshen up gym wardrobe with our clothing deals this year. Because let’s face it, having a brand-new gym kit ready to go does wonders for our workout motivation. 

This year we’ve expanded our clothing range to make sure our gym-kits help you perform to the best of your ability in the gym, and look good whilst doing it. We’ve ensured our clothing is comfy enough to wear in and out of the gym.   

Our Composure range offers comfy yoga clothing and Power Ultra offers the ultimate comfort for HIIT workouts as well as heavy weightlifting. And these are just a few of our ranges.   

To find out more about what collections will be on offer, check out our ranges below.

Power Ultra 

Our Power Ultra collection levelled up on our original power collection, making it our most technical, soft, light and yet opaque collection yet. Breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics that are tough enough to withstand the toughest of gym sessions and the heaviest of squats.  

Choose from a selection of sports bras, leggings, vests, jackets and long-sleeved tops all made with your workout in mind.  


The key to comfort is seamless. With minimal irritation from seams, and a stretchy knit construction, seamless styles will see you through every squat, jump, lift and sprint. And you’ll look amazing in the process.

We’ve got shorts, leggings, T-shirts, vests, sports bras, the list goes on. Your gym fit has never been so on-point.   


Calling all cardio lovers. Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on your Velocity goodies.   

With reflective detailing for increased visibility, sweat-wicking materials and its quick-drying ability, Velocity is ideal for everyone addicted to that runner’s high.  

Whether it’s HIIT or an evening run, Velocity will make sure whatever you’re doing is kept comfortable, practical and stylish.  

Choose your style from leggings, shorts, vests, long-sleeve tops, and sports bras, build your perfect cardio kit this Black Friday  


We all need a little bit of Zen in 2021. That’s where composure comes in. And with the deals we’ve got coming, it’s never been easier to get onto the yoga mat.  

Composure values it’s super soft fabrics with super-stretch ability to take your yoga session to the next level. You’ll soon be able to crack that tricky yoga pose in these leggings.   

With a calming colour palette running throughout the collection, it was designed with mindfulness at the forefront.  

Focus on silhouettes that flow seamlessly throughout our sports bras, leggings, shorts and jogger sets means every piece looks stylish and is perfect for the flow that comes with yoga practice.  

Exclusive Black Friday Clothing   

We think it’s a good idea for you to keep your eyes on clothing this Black Friday as we might have some exclusive pieces on the way… (hint, hint).  


Take Home Message 

Now you’ve got an idea of what we’re going to have up for grabs this Black Friday, the only question remaining is; what to try first? Keep an eye out for deals popping up over the next few weeks as we prepare for our biggest Black Friday yet, with deals that are simply, too good to miss.

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