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Simplify Your Nutrition With Goal-Focused Supplement Bundles

Simplify Your Nutrition With Goal-Focused Supplement Bundles
Writer and expert2 months ago
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New year, new goals. And no matter your goal, from getting stronger to losing weight, we’ve got a bundle to help you kickstart your journey. Supplements, shakers, guides, and plenty of flavours to choose from… let’s find out which one’s the best for you.

Get Stronger Bundle

If gaining strength is your goal, then you’ll want the Get Stronger Bundle. 40 servings of muscle-boosting Impact Whey Protein plus over 30 servings of Creatine Monohydrate to help you reach your full strength potential.

You’ll also get a handy protein shaker and a digital download of our Get Stronger Guide, featuring workouts, meal plans and expert advice.

The Diet Bundle

Ditch the “quick fix” and start making sustainable changes with the Diet Bundle. 40 servings of Impact Whey Protein in a choice of five flavours including Strawberry Cream and Chocolate Brownie, 60 soft CLA capsules, and a handy protein shaker.

You’ll also get a digital download of our Weight Management Guide, featuring expert advice from nutritionists and PTs, workouts to get you started, a seven-day meal plan, and more.

myprotein diet bundle

Impact Protein Bundle

If in doubt, Impact. 40 servings of our beloved, easy-to-mix shake packed with at least 20g of protein per serving, available in five of the most popular flavours, including Chocolate Brownie, Cookies & Cream, and the ever-dependable Vanilla.

On top of that, you’ll also get a handy shaker and a digital download of the Fundamentals Guide, featuring expert advice, meals plans and plenty more.

For some more information on whey protein powder, here’s nutritionist Richie’s explainer.

Clear Protein Bundle

Smash your protein goals the juicy way. The Clear Protein Bundle includes 20 servings of our award-winning Clear Whey Protein, a light alternative to traditional whey protein. Choose from three totally refreshing flavours — Cranberry & Raspberry, Peach Tea, and Strawberry Kiwi.

And to help you get started, you’ll also get a protein shaker and a digital download of our Fundamentals Guide, featuring expert advice, meal plans and plenty more.

Check out Nutritionist Jamie’s video explainer for the complete lowdown on Clear Whey.

Take Home Message

Whether you’re looking to get stronger, lose body fat, or simply want to get into fitness, there’s a bundle that caters towards your goals. So, which one will you choose?

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