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10 Myprotein Products Every Student Needs

10 Myprotein Products Every Student Needs
Joni McMullen
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Wanting to get into fitness and not sure where to start? Or looking to update your protein snack draw?   

We’re here to help, with the 10 essentials that every student needs to feel great, in and out of the gym.   

Staying fit and healthy shouldn’t have to be hard when you’re a student. That’s why we offer student and 16-25 discounts, to make sure you can still hit your goals.   

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10 Student Essentials   

1. Clear Whey Isolate 

Our award-winning Clear Whey Isolate had to go at the top of the list.   

Swap your protein shake for a protein juice — with 20g of protein and low sugar, this is the easiest way to get your protein in.   

Choose from one of our 20 fruity flavours and get your gains, even in the library.   


2. Oat Bakes   

Always in a rush to get to your morning lectures? Guilty of hitting the snooze button one too any times?   

Oat Bakes are the answer to the morning dash. With 18g of protein and 34g of carbs, this snack will keep you full, even when you don’t have time for breakfast.   

Available in Chocolate Chip or Berry and White Chocolate.   


3. Protein Wafer    

The right snacks will get you through anything — especially a heavy library session.   

Boasting 15g of protein per bar, plus 60% less carbs and 20% less fat than supermarket alternatives, it’s never been easy to get your snack game on top form.   

If you’re plant-based, try the Vegan Protein Wafer. Enrobed in dark chocolate for extra sweetness, they make for the ideal vegan snack.  


4. ZMA Capsules   

Beat the uni flu with ZMA capsules.   

A unique blend of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 that helps reduce tiredness and boosts your body’s natural defences. The perfect daily supplement for those who want to maintain their overall health and wellbeing.   


5. Hazelnut Whip   

Got a sweet tooth? Combining a delicious milk chocolate covered wafer filled with protein-enriched hazelnut filling, Hazelnut Whip is sure to hit the spot.   


6. Myvitamins Concentration   

Don’t let your motivation drop during exam season.   

Concentration is the ultimate multivitamin to get you focused on your goals. Each one contains iron to support cognitive function and reduce fatigue, plus pantothenic acid for normal mental performance.   

Push for the grades you deserve with the help of Concentration.   


7. Command Cans 6 Pack  

We don’t recommend pulling an all-nighter — but sometimes it has to be done.   

Keep on your game with Command Cans. With zero calories and zero sugar, plus 180mg of caffeine for concentration and focus, they make the ideal late-night library companion.   

Try them now in Grape, Citrus, Strawberry Laces or Sour Apple.   


8. Relax Shots   

Is the dissertation panic starting to set in?   

Relax Shots are a unique combination of herbal extracts, including chamomile and lemon balm plus essential vitamins and minerals, to help you ease your stress.   

These peach-flavoured shots are also vegan and vegetarian friendly.   


9. Flavdrops   

Don’t want to splash out on a fancy coffee every day?   

Enter Flavdrops, the zero-calorie flavouring that spice up any drink or meal.   

Try the Vanilla or Hazelnut flavour in your next coffee — you won’t look back.   


10. Pop Rolls   

Our newest addition to the snack family, Pop Rolls are made of soft, chewy protein dough with an indulgent gooey centre.   

Low in sugar, high in protein and at less than 100 calories per roll, Pop Rolls are about to be your new favourite snack.   


Take Home Message   

Update your library snacking game, get your gains anywhere, or avoid the dreaded uni flu with essential vitamins and minerals — we have something for every student.   

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Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you're concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

Joni McMullen
Writer and expert
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