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I Tried Vegan Supps For 30 Days & I’m Not Going Back

I Tried Vegan Supps For 30 Days & I’m Not Going Back
Joni McMullen
Senior Content Executive1 year ago
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Been thinking about going vegan but in need of some extra inspiration to make the swap? Meet Scott Waterfall, a Myprotein ambassador who recently made the switch from whey to vegan protein.

Scott had been using whey protein for years before deciding to take the plunge and go diary-free for a month. So, what made him finally make the switch?

“Having back acne was one of the reasons I started the gym. I thought if I could make the rest of my body look better it would help my insecurity. But then I started, and it got a lot worse. At the time, I thought it was just down to sweat and hormones, but I’ve started to realise that it was down to dairy products.”

“I first tried some vegan products about a year ago for digestive reasons and I enjoyed them, but I ended up going back to the standard protein ranges. I was having three or four protein bars a day, so I don’t think it was the best for my digestive system. So last month, I decided I would go dairy free for a month to see if it would help.”

A self-confessed protein bar lover, it was obvious that Scott’s favourite product would be the Carb-Crusher Vegan Protein Bars: “My favourite flavour is the Chocolate Sea Salt.”

But he's been pleasantly surprised by a few other vegan products. “I’ve been using the Vegan Clear Whey and the Vegan Protein Powder as well. I’ve been having the protein powder in protein oats, and it literally tasted identical. The Strawberry Vegan Clear Whey is so nice. It’s not a massive difference to the Clear Whey Isolate.”


Want some protein oat inspiration? Try this recipe:


Now the big question: will this experiment end at 30 days or will Scott continue to use vegan products? “I don’t think I’ll go back now. I think I’ll stick to it. My plan was to go dairy-free for 30 days, but the plan now is to stick to it. I think if a new range came out or a new flavour that wasn’t vegan, I would still try the odd Impact Bar but definitely every order I get will be vegan products now.”

“I feel like my skin is a lot clearer and performance wise, it’s the same. In terms of taste and texture, now I’ve had the vegan products for a month, I actually think the vegan bars taste better.”



Does this same rule apply to his dairy-free diet? “I think I’m not going to be strict with it. I’m not going to say I won’t have a bit of cheese on my pasta — I really like macaroni and cheese to be honest — but I’m going to try and reduce it. I’ll definitely be sticking with vegan products when it comes to supplements.”

It’s clear that Scott has been loving his switch to vegan supplements so we wanted to know: would he recommend the switch to anyone else?

“Yeah definitely. I’ve convinced one of my friends to have the Myprotein Vegan Protein Bars and now he loves the dark chocolate sea salt one. He says the texture of it is like cake. So yeah, I’d definitely recommend to other people. I already have.”


Shop Scott's look here:


Take Home Message

Whether you’re vegan, dairy-free or just interested in trying something new, it’s safe to say that Myprotein’s vegan supplements don’t lack in protein content, taste or texture. Take inspiration from Scott and see if you can make the switch for Vegan Month.

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Joni McMullen
Senior Content Executive
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