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Leaving An Abusive Relationship & Finding Peace | Everyday Athletes

Leaving An Abusive Relationship & Finding Peace | Everyday Athletes
Monica Green
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Sharon was engaged at six years old and married before her 18th birthday. Following her parents' wishes no matter what, Sharon lived life with an abusive husband, doing nothing but cooking, cleaning and looking after her children. Eventually, Sharon felt she had no choice but to take her children and leave her husband.

Out on her own for the first time and caring for her eldest son Nishaan, who was born with a rare chromosome condition and required constant care, Sharon felt close to giving up. Her children are what kept her going. She decided she needed to start taking care of herself in order to care for them, so she began running, eating healthily and joined a gym. Now, Sharon works out to strengthen her mind as well as her body, and she encourages everyone to do the same.

Watch Sharon’s full story here:

Take home message

Sharon has overcome challenges that are unfathomable for a lot of us. Her strength to re-build her life and prioritise her wellbeing is motivation to everyone. We hope Sharon continues to find release through her fitness and things only get better from here for her and her family. 

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Writer and expert
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