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Intense Leg Workout With Minimal Equipment From Kestutis

Intense Leg Workout With Minimal Equipment From Kestutis
Monica Green
Content Manager3 years ago
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This leg workout from calisthenics and weightlifting expert Kestutis requires some serious control. There are five exercises in the workout and the only equipment used is a long resistance band. However, don’t panic if you don’t have a resistance band, this workout is totally doable with no equipment at all. Let’s get into it.

The workout 

Pause squat with leg raises

  1. Get into the squat position, using a wall to lean your back against for balance
  2. Stay in this position, raising each leg one at a time

Resistance band pistol squat

  1. Tie a resistance band overhead
  2. Get into the pistol squat position, holding onto the resistance band with one hand for balance
  3. Perform your pistol squat, slow and controlled

Banded squat and walk-out

  1. Secure the resistance band behind you, and place it around your waist so it’s taut.
  2. Squat slowly and controlled
  3. Perform a half squat and walk out four steps ahead, then four steps back to your original position

Jumping lunges

  1. Begin in the lunge position
  2. Jump and push the alternate leg forward to return to a lunge position

Take home message

Hopefully Kestusis has helped to switch up your usual leg day and given you something different to test out. This workout should help to re-focus your form on certain movements and emphasise the importance of slowing down exercises from time-to-time. 

Congrats if you made it through this one, you deserve a protein shake.
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Monica Green
Content Manager
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