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Myprotein’s Best Protein Bar Flavours, According to You

Myprotein’s Best Protein Bar Flavours, According to You
Joni McMullen
Writer and expert11 months ago
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Fancy switching up your protein shake for an on-the-go alternative that doesn’t compromise on protein content? We have a wide range of protein-packed bars to cover all of your taste and texture cravings.

The only difficult part is choosing which flavour to try. I spent some time trawling through the data to figure out which is the most popular, to give you a head start in finding your new go-to.

Here are the top protein bar flavours, picked by you.

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Impact Protein Bar

Layered Protein Bar

Crispy Layered Protein Bar

Lean Protein Bar

High-Protein Bar

Protein Bar Alternatives


Impact Protein Bar

Our most popular bar. Brimming with 20g of protein, the Impact Protein Bar is a fan favourite for good reason. Low in sugar and high in fibre, this bar is the classic choice to help you easily hit your macros.


1. Fudge Brownie

Coming in top is Fudge Brownie. You guys have good taste. Rich and chocolatey, this bar provides an instant hit for your sweet-tooth cravings.

Try them for a post gym boost.


2. Caramel Nut

This bar mixes the sweet, chewiness of caramel with the salty crunch of nut. What more could you want?

A close second, the Caramel Nut Impact Bar is a balancing act of flavours that proves to be the perfect snack.


3. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

Ideal for those days when you don’t fancy anything super sweet, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt comes in at number three. Soft and chewy with just a hint of sea salt, there’s no surprise why this is one of your top picks.

This flavour tastes great with a cup of coffee to help you beat that mid-afternoon slump.


4. Dark Chocolate Mint

It’s clear our customers love dark chocolate. This time with a mint twist.

Think the ideal after dinner palate cleanser but packed with 21g of protein. Heaven.


5. Cookies and Cream

The ultimate flavour combination, it’s no surprise that Cookies and Cream has made the top five.

Low in sugar, high in fibre and packed with indulgent flavour, this classic bar ticks all the right boxes.


Layered Protein Bar

Featuring six irresistible layers of taste and texture, the Layered Protein Bar promises to hit all of your macros as well as your taste buds.

With 20g of protein and over 18g of carbs, this bar is the ideal post-recovery snack to boost muscle growth.


1. Chocolate Sundae

Think a delicious after dinner treat and then add 20g of protein — you get the Chocolate Sundae Layered Bar. It’s no surprise this flavour came out on top.


2. Cookies and Cream

Claiming the runner-up spot is this dynamic duo. OK, I think Cookies and Cream might be a favourite across the board.

This classic combo provides the ultimate snack for an on-the-go protein boost that curbs your sweet cravings.


3. Birthday Cake

Treat every day like your birthday with this timeless flavour coming in third.

This super sweet bar gives you a reason to celebrate — 20g of protein and 18g of carbs in one delicious bar to help you curb cravings and meet your macros.


4. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter doesn’t just have to go on toast. Edging its way into the top five, the Peanut Butter Impact Bar is a twist on the classic spread that tastes amazing.

Why not try it broken up in your breakfast yoghurt for an indulgent, protein-rich alternative?


5. Brown Sugar

With two layers of brown sugar protein-loaded dough, a soft caramel layer and caramel coating, this delicious bar is a sweet lover’s heaven.

With layers of flavour and texture, there’s no better flavour to treat your sweet tooth.


Crispy Layered Protein Bar

Our Crispy Layered bar was finalist in the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Sports Awards 2021, and with good reason.

Boasting 16g of protein and low in sugar, these bars have layers of taste and texture that will keep you coming back for more.


1. Chocolate Caramel

A perfectly balanced combination of chocolate and caramel, it’s obvious why this bar hits the top spot.

Combine the rich flavour with the crispy texture of the top layer and the smoothness of the dough and you’ve got a sure-fire winner.


2. White Chocolate Peanut

Like to mix salty and sweet? Then this is the flavour for you.

Melt in your mouth white chocolate and salty peanut is a burst of taste and texture that will treat your taste buds and support your muscle growth.

Lean Protein Bar

Trying to find a low-sugar, high-protein bar that won’t mess up your macros? Look no further than the Lean Protein Bar.

18g of protein, high in fibre, low in sugar and all at just 152 calories per bar, the Lean Protein Bar takes some beating.

Take your pick from Cookie Dough or White Chocolate Raspberry.


1. Chocolate and Cookie Dough

How could cookie dough get any better? Well, we’ve wrapped it in chocolate and filled it with 18g of protein, all for less than 152 calories – it's no surprise that you guys love it.


2. White Chocolate and Raspberry

Chocolate-covered fruit just got one step better. Think light, fresh and indulgent – that’s the White Chocolate and Raspberry Lean Protein Bar.

Tangy raspberry and smooth, rich white chocolate are the ultimate combo that soothes your sweet tooth, all with 18g of protein.


High-Protein Bar

If you’re aiming to max out of your protein intake, the High-Protein Bar is perfect for you. With a whopping 30g of protein and 23g of carbs, this bar has fast and slow releasing proteins, to keep you full and satisfied for longer. Choose from Chocolate Orange and Vanilla & Honeycomb.


1. Chocolate Orange

Low in sugar, high in fibre and brimming with flavour, the Chocolate Orange High-Protein Bar ticks all the boxes.

A sweet and indulgent treat, this flavour is ideal for a winter warmer. Get in the festive mood by adding it to our protein chocolate bark recipe:


2. Vanilla and Honeycomb

Vanilla is a classic, but why not add a tasty twist?

This bar combines the sweet, smoothness of vanilla and the crunch of honeycomb to create your new favourite flavour.

If you like to stick to your staples, the Vanilla & Honeycomb is a guaranteed winner. Coming in at 30g of protein, there’s nothing not to love.


Protein Bar Alternatives

Not big into protein bars? We have plenty of alternative snacks that don’t compromise on protein content.

Oat Bakes

If want to pack the protein from the get-go, an Oat Bake is a great way to start your day. This quick and easy breakfast option boasts 18g of protein and 34g of carbs, as well as low sugar.

Grab yours now in Chocolate Chip or Berry and White Chocolate.


Protein Brownie

The Protein Brownie is a must for all chocolate protein lovers. With 23g of protein and 31g of carbs, this treat works to boost recovery as well as muscle growth.

Boasting 72% less sugar than supermarket alternatives, it’s a no-brainer swap that can easily boost your protein intake.

Available in White Chocolate.


Protein Flapjacks

Don’t want too much chocolate but still want a sweet treat to have with a cuppa? The Protein Flapjack is your ideal choice. With 20g of protein and 30g of carbs from the oats, this flapjack promotes recovery and muscle growth.

Pick from Original or Chocolate.


Take Home Message

It’s clear that we know what we’re doing when it comes to protein bars. With a huge range of flavours, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which is best for you. Hopefully this list will make picking your new favourite a little easier.

No matter which flavour you decide on, there’s no such thing as a bad choice.

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