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The Scoop Episode 5: Do Steroids Lead To Better Bodybuilding?

The Scoop Episode 5: Do Steroids Lead To Better Bodybuilding?
Monica Green
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Myprotein’s brand new podcast, The Scoop is here to give you the insider info you’ve been looking for into the most controversial topics in the fitness industry, led by our host David Alorka. 

Discussed in gyms, pubs, supermarket queues and just about anywhere else, these topics will get you thinking. A new topic each episode is dissected by new guests, from Olympic sportsmen and women, Strongman Champions, and your favourite fitness influencers, all here to make sense of some tricky questions. 

You don’t want to miss an episode.

What’s in Episode 5? 

Episode 5 digs into another taboo in the fitness industry – steroids. 

The world of steroids is a complex one, and a lot of gym-goers aren't exactly sure what different steroids do and their dangers, even once they’ve taken them. We’ll be discussing if steroids can ever be safe for consumption, just how widespread they are in bodybuilding at the moment, and whether there’s a way we can make them safer to use, if they should be used at all. 

David Alorka sits down with Youtuber and steroid using bodybuilder Thomas Moore, along with Dave Crosland, a bodybuilder who’s documented his use of steroids through his films, and now works to educate others on safe use of steroids. They’ll be diving into this topic and opening up about their honest experiences with steroids. 

So, buckle in for this controversial episode, and get The Scoop on bodybuilding with steroids. 

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Monica Green
Writer and expert
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