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Myprotein Staff Share Their Best Working From Home Tips

Myprotein Staff Share Their Best Working From Home Tips
Monica Green
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Like most people who would usually be sat in an office, at Myprotein we’ve made the change to working from home. We won’t delve into the reason most of us have traded in our office chair for the sofa (you’ve probably heard that enough in the last year) but we thought we’d share some of the tips and tricks we’ve learnt along the way.

After asking around the team for their new habits that have made working from home easier than ever, they didn't disappoint. Handing over all of their best advice for a productive, (and even enjoyable) day at work.

So, if you’re in need of a working from home SOS, let the Myprotein team help you out. 

Lauren’s Tips

1. If you can, work in a different space than you spend time relaxing in (I.e., not in your bedroom!)

2. Make sure you leave the house at least once during the day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. A walk in the morning before work is a nice way to start the day if you can face getting out of bed a bit earlier (and almost feels like a “commute”!)

3. Treat yourself to going out to get a takeaway coffee or something nice on a Friday, or any day you need a boost.


Jen’s Tips

1. Try to get outside at lunch in the sun (or drizzle if you’re in Manchester) especially if the area you’re working in doesn’t get much natural light.

2. Try to put in the time to have chats with people (not work meetings) to get the office chat that we’re missing out on right now.

3. Have a routine and try to stand up regularly!



Alix’s Tips

1. Doing some regular 5-minute stretches over the day, especially if you can’t make it out for a walk.

2. Try sticking to regular working hours if you can, so you can maintain a normal work/life balance.

3. Don’t have the TV on during the day.


Oli’s Tips

1. Making a coffee when I get up, gives me something to look forward to in the morning while I go through emails.

2. Making sure I make time in the evenings to wind down, leaving my laptop in the room where I work rather than in my bedroom, so that I can properly switch off.

3. Making myself a workout plan so I have structure in my evenings and something to look forward to.


Iona’s Tips

1. Break up the day with small chores (washing up, putting a wash on, having a quick hoover) so you’re moving on a break.

2. Reward yourself for completing tasks you were putting off.

3. Call a friend on your lunch break.

4. Take a 5-10 min break every hour or so to refresh your brain.


Emmi’s Tips

1. Book out time in your day to get up and stretch, make a brew and do something you enjoy.

2. I try to book out a lunch hour to walk around my flat, make something to eat and get a drink.

3. I make sure to close my laptop on my lunch and put the radio on so my brain goes elsewhere – otherwise all I will hear is emails coming into my inbox and I won’t take a full break.



Take Home Message

So, make time for walks, book in good breaks throughout the day where you can stretch your legs, and make sure your laptop is locked away once you’ve shut the lid in the evening. Keep your workouts going and savour that first sip of your morning coffee. Now that you’re armed with an arsenal of working from home tips, it's time to put some into practice.

We bet you’ll be more productive than ever before.

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Monica Green
Writer and expert
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