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Vicky Fleetwood Challenges You To A Six-Part Finisher

Vicky Fleetwood Challenges You To A Six-Part Finisher
Monica Green
Content Manager3 years ago
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Ever get to the end of a workout and feel like you’ve still got some energy left in you? If that sounds familiar, Vicky Fleetwood has an intense finisher to use up that final burst of energy. This reverse ladder finisher uses a 50kg barbell and lots of burpees... 

Of course, use a weight that’s comfortable for you – you won’t want to ego lift with this one.


The Finisher

Six sets in a reverse ladder with no rest in between sets. Vicky used a 50kg barbell, but use a weight that’s comfortable for you.
  1. Six cleans into six bar facing burpees
  2. Four cleans into four bar facing burpees
  3. Two cleans into two bar facing burpees

Watch below to see Vicky demonstrate the ladder, while clocking in at an incredible time of one minute and five seconds. 


Take home message

If your session didn’t tire you out enough, this finisher most definitely will. You’ll want to have a well-deserved protein shake and post-workout meal at the ready after this session. If you can beat Vicky’s time, we’ll be beyond impressed. Good luck!
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Monica Green
Content Manager
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