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Vegan Protein

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We’ve developed a large range of vegan protein powders to cater for anyone looking for plant-based protein shakes. Our vegan proteins are packed with great nutritionals, contain all the essential amino acids you need, and come in a delicious variety of flavours, too.

Why not try our specially created Vegan Protein Blend? A great source of protein, BCAAs, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and fibre.


What is Vegan Protein?

Vegan protein is simply protein derived from plant-based sources, such as pea, rice, and soy proteins. Since it can be tricky to get enough protein into a plant-based diet, vegan protein shakes are a highly-convenient and popular way of getting a protein boost — important for supporting your muscles through gym training.

What are the Benefits of Vegan Protein?

Unlike super-popular whey protein, vegan protein powders are not derived from cow’s milk. Instead, they are sourced from various beans and plants which are naturally high in protein. This means that vegan protein retains the protein value of traditional supplements, while being completely plant-based — making these shakes a great way to support your muscles without relying on animal produce.

Our Vegan Protein Products

We’ve developed an impressive range of vegan protein powders to cater for those on a plant-based diet. 

Our Soy Protein Isolate is one of our best-selling powders, offering a huge protein boost with zero fat and sugar:*

• Contains over 90% protein content*

• Boasts 27g of protein*

• Zero fat and sugar*

• Available in a range of delicious flavours

Pea Protein Isolate is sourced from 100% pea protein isolate, with nothing added or taken away, for a pure protein boost:

• Ideal all-natural protein shake for vegans

• Contains 23g of protein*

• Zero sugar*

• Only 1.5g of fat*

Alternatively, try our Organic Guarana Powder for an all-natural caffeine kick, created by reducing guarana seeds to a fine powder — perfect for combining with your favourite juice or shake:

• Provides an all-natural caffeine boost

• Source of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids

• Features protein to support your muscles

*Nutritional information will vary depending on flavour.


Is vegan protein as good as whey protein?

It would depend entirely on the source and if you had complimentary vegan sources to achieve the full spectrum of amino acids.

Why do you have vegan protein blends instead of just one protein source?

Isolated vegan sources tend to be lacking in one or more amino acids. Combining complementary sources can help achieve a complete amino acid profile, providing a comparative protein source to those seen in animal products.

Is vegan protein better for you?

Not necessarily; it isn't the same as comparing animal products to plant products. These are simply products which have isolated the protein component from that given foodstuff.

Is vegan protein safe?

Yes, vegan protein is considered safe. The only case in which this may be an issue is for those who have been instructed to keep a lower protein diet due to a specific health concern (for example, those with pre-existing kidney issues).

Is vegan protein complete?

Hemp and Soy would be considered complete, however, lack in certain amino acids. Other vegan proteins, such as rice and pea, are incomplete and would require a complementary source to achieve a complete amino acid profile.

What is the best food source of vegan protein?

Soy would be considered the "best" food source of vegan protein due to its completeness, however spirulina is another great source of protein worth adding into your diet.

Are any of your vegan proteins fortified with vitamin B?

Yes. Our Clear Vegan Protein is enriched with B vitamins (amongst many others). You can order single-serving sachets from our site to trial.