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Looking for nutritious pre- and post-workout snacks? Our range of protein bars are designed to give you the ideal balance of protein, carbs, and fats to help support your nutrition and training goals.

To keep the cravings at bay, try THE Carb Crusher — 21g of high-quality protein, 20 essential vitamins and low in carbs. Want to keep your hard work from going to waste? Next time you're feeling peckish, grab a low-sugar Protein Light Bar to help you keep going without the guilt. Still not sure what to go for? Read our guide on the best protein bars for the full breakdown.

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What are the Benefits of Protein Bars?

Protein bars are the ultimate in convenience and a tasty way of getting extra protein into your diet. Whether it’s before training, between meals, or a post-workout refuel, these bars provide a boost of protein when you need it most. Plus, they’re perfect for satisfying sweet-tooth cravings, without derailing all your hard work in the gym.

Our Protein Bars

We’ve got a range of protein bars to suit every need, from high-protein, low-sugar to vegan protein bars — they’re a must-have addition to your gym bag. With created indulgent flavours including Birthday Cake, Chocolate Sundae, and Fudge Brownie — so you’re sure to find your favourite.

Our 6-Layer Bar is the most indulgent bar we’ve ever created. Here’s six reasons’ you need this bar in your life:

• Six irresistible layers

• Over 20g of protein*

• 9g of fibre*

• Four delicious flavours

• 18g of carbs*

• Delicious and guilt-free

And, if you’re vegan then you definitely need to try our range of vegan-friendly options, including our Vegan Protein Bar and Vegan Carb Crusher. Our Vegan Protein Bar:

• Blend of pea and rice proteins

• 13g of protein*

• No added sugars

Our Vegan Carb Crusher:

• Triple-layered

• 15g of protein*

• Low in sugar

• A great way to boost your fibre intake

*Nutritional information will vary depending on flavour.


Are protein bars healthy?

How healthy they are depends on how they fit into your diet, but they are richer in certain nutrients which can improve your physique and overall health, such as protein and fibre, comparative to other snack bars.

Are protein bars fattening?

Only if they are pushing you into a calorie surplus and you consume a fairly significant amount over your daily energy needs.

Are protein bars keto?

Some brands will be keto-friendly however most will not; keep an eye out for the type of carbohydrates in the bar and the amount.

Are protein bars good for weight loss?

If these bars help you to achieve a calorie deficit then yes - either by contributing to improved hunger and eating less or replacing a higher calorie option in your diet.

Are protein bars filling?

Many protein bars are rich in protein and fibre which both promote satiety. They are also typically sweetened which can help "scratch an itch" if you have a particular craving.

Are protein bars vegan?

Not all bars are vegan as most use dairy-based protein sources, however we have designed vegan-friendly bars that are as delicious as they are nutritious.

Do protein bars give you energy?

They are a handy, on the go way to fit in some calories if you have a busy schedule that day or are struggling to get in a meal. Some will be higher in carbohydrates than others, as well as other dietary components, that can help you feel "less tired".

Are protein bars bad for you?

How "bad" something is depends on it's context within your diet. If you have a protein bar at lunch and that stops you binging later on in the day on a tub of ice cream, is it bad? On the flipside of that, if you eat only protein bars and don't take in any other nutrient-rich foods and find yourself deficient in certain nutrients and or minerals, would they be bad then? It's always about context.