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Protein Powder For Beginners

<b><h1 style="font-size: 1.61rem; line-height: 2rem;">WHY TAKE PROTEIN POWDER AS A BEGINNER?</h1></b>

Now we know what you’re thinking “protein powders are just for bodybuilders.” Well, let’s get one thing straight. Protein supplements are for everyone. Whether you’ve gone for a run or a bike ride, got your flow on at yoga, or trying out the free-weights at the gym.

Protein helps rebuild and assist the growth of your muscles — don’t worry this doesn’t always mean you’ll bulk-up on muscle.
Whey Protein

There's a lot of misconceptions about protein supplements and an overwhelming amount of information to wrap your head around. So we've made it easy and answered some of the most frequently asked questions about protein.

Protein shakes are used in our muscles in three ways: building muscle, preventing muscle damage, and promoting muscle recovery. If you’re looking to build muscle or recover from exercise, protein shakes are a super-convenient and cost-effective way to increase your protein intake, and they taste great, too!

Having a high-protein diet will help with increasing your overall muscle mass — as muscles are mainly made from protein. But don’t forget, to gain lean muscle mass you also need to put in the work with resistance training. Otherwise, the added protein and calories in your diet can be stored as fat, too.

Firstly, let’s set the record straight on the differences between protein shakes and meal replacement shakes. Protein powders are taken to help with the growth and repair of muscles. Protein supplements aren’t intended as a substitute for your everyday meals, they’re there to work alongside a healthy, balanced diet as a convenient way to up your protein intake, at a much lower cost.

Meal replacement shakes do exactly what it says on the tin. Their nutritionally balanced formulations replace a meal. They’re beneficial for a quick and easy meal substitution if cooking is the last thing on your mind, paired with a balanced diet.

Just like any other source of energy, if you consume more than you burn then you run the risk of gaining weight in the long run. But if that’s your goal, protein shakes can be a lower-fat and lower-carb option (depending on which you choose) to help you gain lean mass instead of fat.


Want some more information on protein powder, its benefits, and guidance on which to choose? Check out our Protein Guide below.

12 Tasty Recipes For Protein Boosts Throughout The Day

A protein shake doesn’t have to be just mixed with water and glugged down after a workout. In fact, you can enjoy them as a part of a balanced meal, to set you up for the day, or even to pack on the pounds. 

 We’ve put together some of our best protein recipes for every occasion to get you inspired and switch up your shake game. Let’s get started.