Comfort For Mum & Bump In MP Mama

There’s no good reason women need to stop exercising when pregnant. But, frustratingly, high-quality, affordable maternity activewear can be difficult to find. To help fill the gap in the market, MP clothing have been working on a maternity collection so expectant mothers can work out in comfort and style — MP Mama.

The lack of gym wear for pregnant women may be due to the misconception that women should not be training when pregnant. While it’s true that expectant mothers may want to take exercise slightly easier, stopping altogether is not at all necessary. That’s not to say that you need to work out every day either — the key is to listen to your body and do what’s right for you.

MP Women’s Power Maternity Leggings

A good-quality pair of leggings is vital for anyone, pregnant or not. But when you’re pregnant you’re going to need a lot more from your leggings: extra stretchy, extra comfy, increased movability and not too restrictive or compressive, especially across the bump. The Power Maternity Leggings deliver on all accounts.

Made with sweat-wicking technology and featuring garment fibres with a hydrophilic finish, moisture is drained away to keep your body cool, dry, and you comfortable. And as you’d expect, they’re made with a high-rise waistband to provide support over the bump without compressing the area. And the best bit: the adjustable elastic at the edge of the waistband makes sure that the same pair of leggings grows with you throughout your pregnancy.

The benefits don’t stop there: there’s also a hidden waistband pocket for your phone, side mesh pockets for extra storage, and stretch fabric to ensure you’re not restricted.

MP Women’s Power Maternity/Nursing Sports Bra

Not only here to provide you with a matching set during your pregnancy, but also perfect for the nursing stage — if this is the route you choose to take. You’ll be able to go straight from the gym to nursing to the shops with no outfit changes. Convenience is key, especially when you’ve got a little one knocking about. Featuring an easy-release nursing clasp, inner modesty layer and inner sling, you’ll be ready to nurse at a moment’s notice.

And we haven’t sacrificed style for function. This sports bra has both —, with its stylish cross back and scoop neck, you’ll be the best-dressed at the gym.

PT Reviews

Some of our PTs were lucky enough to get first dibs on the range. We caught up with them to get their thoughts.

Do you have problems finding suitable maternity clothes, specifically for the gym?

“I do actually find problems. It’s really hard to find stuff that fits you. I have had this range, I’ve been quality testing it and it’s so comfy. It sits really nice and high on your stomach. It’s because a normal range sits in the middle of your stomach, and you need something to cover the whole bump. It is hard to find, but the industry is getting better. Also with the new MP bras, you can hook it off and breastfeed as well.”

“There just really isn’t enough out there. I’ve previously ended up buying larger sizes, which end up fitting the bump, and then you’ve got really baggy legs. It’s really hard to find maternity active and gym wear.”

Why do you like MP maternity clothes?

“Oh my gosh, because it feels amazing. Like little pockets of heaven and clouds on my skin. Really comfortable, not restrictive. I am in love with this sports bra that’s actually a nursing bra as well, which I’ve never seen. For me, as a PT, it means I can go from work to feeding the baby — and I’m not wearing lots of different outfits every day. I can wear it to go for a coffee, for lunch and for training.”

Take Home Message

This collection is great for comfort and movability during your pregnancy workouts. Our PTs loved it; we hope you do too.

Check out more from MP here.



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