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Energy Drinks

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Look no further than our high-quality sports and energy drinks range to keep your performance at peak. Sports and energy drinks are really helpful for all types of long-lasting physical activity and tough workouts — great for staying fuelled and hydrated.

Want to find your favourite? Check out our range below. Fuel your workout and push your performance further with our range of energy bars


What's the Best Energy Drink?

Our BCAA Drink is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a pre-workout pick-me-up. It’s loaded with essential amino acids, a vitamin B blend, and caffeine, helping to increase endurance and alertness.1

It also contains zero sugar or carbs, and it’s completely vegetarian and vegan-friendly, making it a great fit for any lifestyle or training routine. Choose from two refreshingly fruity flavours, Cherry Cola and Strawberry & Raspberry.

Our Sports Drinks

We also offer a great range of other sports and energy drinks to help you on your fitness journey.

Protein Water – the perfect addition to your gym kit for a refreshing drink before, during, or after your training:

• 15g of protein per bottle

• No sugar or fat

• Each bottle is just 61 calories

Protein Shake Zero – these ready-to-drink protein shakes are a super-quick solution to helping you increase your daily protein intake:

• Contain a massive 50g of protein per bottle

• With 4g of leucine

• Sugar-free and fat-free

Protein Mocha — a delicious high-protein hot drink, perfect for helping you stay topped up on protein even on your coffee break:

• Each serving packs in 15g of protein

• 10% real coffee content

• Low in fat

• Caffeine boosts concentration and alertness1

Lean Hot Chocolate — the perfect alternative to a chocolatey classic, this is great for a treat without the cheat:

• 8g of protein per serving

• Low in fat and high in protein

• A source of essential vitamins and minerals


Are sports and energy drinks good for you?

Not necessarily, it depends on how they are used. They can be a great aid for fuelling performance however if misused can be potentially harmful. We'd always advise discussing the use of a supplement with your healthcare practictioner should you have any doubts about how it could affect your health.

When should you drink sports or energy drinks?

For caffeine based drinks, in the hour leading up to exercise would be best. If the drinks are carbohydrate based then similarly in the hour leading up and or you could also sip on it throughout exercise too!

What are the benefits of energy drinks?

Energy drinks can contribute to improved performance, body composition and even recovery! They can be especially helpful for those who are fatigued or tired and need an extra boost to get through a workout!

Are energy drinks a good source of energy?

If they are caffeine / other stimulant based, they can be a great way to give you an energy boost if you're feeling fatigued!

How many energy drinks should I drink?

Daily caffeine recommendations are to stay below 400mg. Our BCAA drink, a delicious pre-workout mix, comes in at around 180mg of caffeine so fits perfectly into this recommendation. We wouldn't advise drinking more than one to two a day. Always check the caffeine content!

1. Caffeine contributes to an increase in endurance performance and helps to increase alertness.