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Protein Snacks

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When you're on the go, meeting nutritional requirements can often become a difficult task. Here at Myprotein, we've created the protein meals & snacks convenience range with your needs in mind, so you can keep your fitness on track whatever the situation. Our range of high protein meals and snacks are ideal for those living a busy lifestyle looking to consume a healthy diet. From tasty filling meals to various sweet and savory snacks, we've got the ultimate mess free time saver for your hunger pains.

On the Go Nutrition

The women's convenience range provides exclusive products, specifically developed so you can meet your nutritional requirements no matter where you are. The range includes original innovations such as protein water- with up to 20g of protein per bottle, a series of delicious nut butters, as well as a wide selection of protein bars, nuts and dried fruit.

Not only this, but we have a series of products that are perfect for quickly preparing meals, including the protein pancake mix, protein porridge and protein pasta and rice. If you struggle with meal prep, our tasty high protein meals are the perfect, mess free, meal replacements, which are ready to eat in just three minutes.