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Our diet range offers a variety of blends that combine the perfect ingredients and nutritionals to help you achieve your body shape goal. This includes our Impact Diet Whey — with key diet additions including green tea extract and L-carnitine. To find out more, check out our selection below or take a look at our diet and weight loss range for high-protein foods and supplements aimed to help you on your weight-loss journey.

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What are Diet Shakes?

Our diet protein shakes and formulas have been specifically created to support your weight-loss goals, featuring key ingredients and nutritionals. To help make your diet even easier to follow, we’ve created a great range of delicious flavours for our weight-loss shakes — from Chocolate Brownie to Strawberry Milkshake.

Our Weight Loss Shakes

THE Diet™, our best weight loss shake for men and women, is a premium diet whey to support your fitness ambition:

• Ideal for supporting serious gym training

• Contains 25g of fast and slow-release proteins*

• Features key ingredients glucomannan, green tea, and CLA

• Available in a delicious range of flavours

Our Diet Protein Blend is a high-protein blend tailored for women on a calorie-restricted diet:

• Under 100 calories per serving*

• Boasts 21g of high-quality protein*

• Features CLA and choline

• Includes added essential vitamins and minerals

Alternatively, for our purest whey protein powder, try our Impact Whey Isolate:

• Perfect for a protein boost when on a calorie-restricted diet

• Boasts a 90% protein content*

• Completely fat free*

• Contains under 100 calories*

*Nutritional information will vary depending on flavour.


What exercises should I do for weight loss?

Resistance training would be great to incorporate (and for general health overall) but simply having a form of exercise you enjoy and can sustain will provide you with most success.

How do weight loss shakes work?

Weight loss shakes are packed full of ingredients geared towards helping you burn more calories and stay fuller for longer - decreasing the amount of food you eat. You can use them as a snack or replace a meal with them to suit your calorie goals.

Are carbohydrates bad when trying to lose weight?

Absolutely not! Carbohydrate intake during a weight loss phase may help minimise stress-induced eating whilst maintaining performance and recovery.

How much exercise should I do weekly to lose weight?

That would depend entirely on your goals and what is sustainable. There's no point training seven days a week if it only lasts one week and then you give up. Find out what works for you; there is no one size fits all. At the bare minimum, stick to government regulations and try and get thirty minutes of light exercise in every day.

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is a diet which heavily restricts carbohydrates and replaces them with fats as your primary source of energy, whilst also having adequate protein intake. The theory behind the keto diet is that if fats become your primary fuel source the body may be more inclined to breakdown pre-existing fat stores for energy then too. When compared, the keto diet appears to be as effective as other diets in a calorie controlled environment.

How many weight loss shakes can I have a day?

There are certain diets in which the entire focus is based around weight loss shakes. Whilst they are more nutritionally complete than other supplements, it still wouldn't be advised to make them your primary food source. Aim to have one to two a day, depending on your goals, to replace a snack or meal.