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30 days. 30 ways to move. 30 minutes per day.

What is Move30?

Kicking off 02.01.2024 and running for 30 days — or lifting, or climbing, or meditating, it's really up to you — the challenge is to move for your wellness for 30 minutes a day. That may be physical, or maybe it's making a move for your mental health, you choose what you need.

#Move30Challenge is what you make it. Our advice, keep it simple. Nail one thing every day to help build healthy habits that last, or to push yourself to new heights.

30 minutes for 30 days - You can do it.

What Can You Do?

You can do anything you want with Move 30, that’s the point. Make a positive move for your well-being everyday, for 30 days.

It could be the same activity every day, like running 3k, learning to do a handstand, an ice-bath AM ritual or, keep it fresh each day and rediscover everything awesome your body can do by mixing it up.

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How to Get Involved!

To get involved all you need to do is get moving everyday for 30 days as of 02.01.24.

We'll be in your corner the whole way with activity inspiration, motivational stories, tips from the pros, experts and more.

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Move30 FAQ's

Move 30 is a habit-building challenge that moves with you. 30 days. 30 ways to move for 30 minutes a day.

It’s a simple way to kickstart your 2024, rediscover your body’s incredible potential, and reclaim your wellness.

No two days have to be the same, so long as you get moving for 30 minutes each day.
Diversity lies at the heart of Move30. No activity is excluded; the only requirement is that it stirs your excitement and motivates daily action for 30 days.

It's all in your hands – how you move is entirely up to you. Fancy some HIIT, strength training, or maybe dipping your toe into flexibility and balance exercises? Or perhaps you're itching to take it outdoors and try something completely new.

Positive moves for your wellness don’t all need to be intense physical battles either. Perhaps you’d benefit from 30 minutes of daily mindfulness. That could be meditation, it could be meal prep, or even just a gentle stroll. You’re in control.
Good news – Move30 is for everyone, beginners included. It's designed to be adaptable, letting you adjust workout intensity based on your fitness level.

Move30 welcomes everyone, no matter your exercise background. So, whether you're a fitness pro or just starting out, join a community committed to making positive moves and celebrating individuality.
The best part about Move30 is that it’s accessible for everyone.

Inspiration from our strong community of health and fitness gurus is all at your fingertips.

Find everything you need on our website or through our handy app.

You don’t need any fancy gear either — we have workouts and tips to move your body with little or no equipment whatsoever.
What do you want to benefit from? Answer that question and then pick activities that deliver it. That’s the beauty of Move 30. It’s yours to shape and enjoy.

Need some inspiration? Alright, think better heart health, more strength and flexibility, extra endurance, and an all-around mood boost. Plus, you'll be riding the energy wave and feeling accomplished, getting a delightful dose of dopamine every time you rise to your daily 30 minute challenge.

Go on, join the movement.