Time to get started

Time to get started

Check out your personal picks to get you shedding those pounds

Your weight-loss journey begins with these…

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Our all-in-one bundle is here to make getting in shape simple – and at an amazing price. It’s packed with all the essentials you need to set you off on your journey to cutting down and toning-up:

• Impact Diet Whey (1kg)

• ZMA (90 capsules)

• My Bar Zero (12 x 65g)

• Fat Binder Capsules (30 Tablets)

• Daily Vitamins (120 tablets)

• Mixmaster Shaker


Active Women Diet Blend™

Our research driven formula, designed to deliver a delicious shake that’ll give you the nutrients you need, without ditching the diet. Available in indulgent natural flavours such as Strawberries & Cream and Chocolate Fudge Brownie – you won’t believe that this is a high-protein blend with only 96 calories per serving! 

• 96 calories per serving

• Low-fat and low-sugar 

• Added CLA and choline


Skinny Cookie

Our guilt-free snacking solution! These delicious cookies are a blend of milk protein, oat flour and added white chocolate chips – giving you a satisfyingly sweet, chewy treat. Plus, with 80% less sugar and 70% less fat than standard supermarket alternatives, they won’t leave you full of regret, just protein!  

• 25g protein per cookie

• 80% less sugar than supermarket alternatives

• Choose from two delicious flavours


Active Women Diet Capsules™

Our premium female weight-loss formula – these tablets are the perfect partner for your fat-busting goals. Each one contains a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals, along with popular stimulants such as caffeine, guarana extract and natural energiser, kola nut, to kick-start your workout.

• Caffeine increases alertness and concentration 

• Contains vitamin D which contributes to normal immune system function 

• Contains niacin which contributes to reduction of tiredness and fatigue


Match your wardrobe to your workout

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