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BMI Calculator

Use our calculator to find out your BMI.

Understanding your BMI:

Rather than worrying about the numbers on the scales. We’ve used your height and weight to calculate your body mass index (BMI) to figure out which weight range you fit into.

BMI ranges:

Below 18.5 - You’re in the underweight category. This could be a sign that you're not eating enough or indicate possible underlying medical conditions. Your doctor can help if you have concerns about being underweight.
18.5 to 24.9 - This is the healthy weight range. Keep up the good work!
25 to 29.9 - The overweight category. You may be carrying excess fat or have a large amount of muscle. It’s always best to build healthy habits, like eating healthily and being more active.
30+ - The obese range. There may be a few reasons why you’re in this category, try to make sure you’re living a healthy lifestyle by eating healthily and being active.

Accuracy of BMI:

BMI takes into consideration your height and weight to place you into a weight range. However, the calculator is unable to differentiate between muscle and fat. So, if you carry a large amount of muscle —which is denser than fat, you may have been placed into the overweight or obese category.

The BMI calculator is also unable to consider your age, gender, ethnicity, or if you’re pregnant, so we recommend checking in with your doctor or healthcare professionals if you have any concerns about your weight.