A woman on a yoga mat wearing grey fitness clothing and doing a yoga stretch.

Best Women's Gym Shorts

Everyone needs a good pair of gym shorts. We've put together some of our best womens shorts that will see you through those sweaty sessions.

Best Gym Shorts For Yoga

Designed with the same comfort and stretch as our Composure Leggings, our Composure Cycle Shorts are our best gym shorts for yoga.

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Best Gym Shorts For Running

Our Velocity shorts are a 2 in 1 short, designed with all of the technical features needed for running including water-repellant fabric and reflective print, race through any route in our Velocity Cycle Shorts, our best gym shorts for running.

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Best Gym Shorts For Weight Lifting

For sweaty lifting sessions, look no further than our shape seamless ultra cycling shorts, our best gym shorts for weightlifting.

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Best Selling Gym Shorts

Be seen in our best selling gym shorts. The Power Cycling shorts are the perfect style for the gym floor.

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Best Value Gym Shorts

A short version of our Curve leggings, the Curve Cycle Shorts are our best value gym shorts, and feature all the bodysculpting, sweat-wicking features you'd expect from the range.

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