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Influencer Attempts ‘Europe’s Most Extreme Assault Course’

Influencer Attempts ‘Europe’s Most Extreme Assault Course’
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Mike Thurston is like a bird. He migrates around the world as the seasons change so he’s never out of the sun. He’s been in the south of Spain recently, enjoying the hot summer weather. During his stay, he decided to take on one of Europe’s most notorious assault courses at Mike’s Gym in Marbella.

Located in the Spanish countryside, Mike’s Gym is unlike any other purpose-built training facility. It has spectacular coastline views and sits on the doorstep of hundreds of mountain trails. It’s also home to an extreme assault course.

Mike, the gym’s larger-than-life owner, isn’t the type to mess about. He’ll make sure you’re put through your paces. He warns the boys: “when you step in you never know when you’ll step out.”

Mike rocked up to the gym with Irish fitness influencer Rob Lipsett. I think the idea was strength in numbers, but I'm not sure how that panned out for them.

While they didn’t attempt the whole assault course, they gave several of the challenges a good go. They took on hill sprints, balance beams and rope swings, all in the blistering heat of the summer sun.

They even did a farmer’s walk that would put even the Stoltmans to the test. Not only was it damn heavy, but they also had obstacles to navigate. Not to mention the metal handles had been sitting in the sun all day. Ouch.

But it wasn’t all physical. One challenge involved overcoming a mental hurdle. They had to jump over a significant drop. It may look less fearsome on camera, but I know I couldn’t have done it.

Take home message

A few splinters, calluses, and rope burns later, Mike and co were finally released from Europe’s most extreme assault course. Something tells me they won’t be returning to complete the full thing.


Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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